Last September 2020, I was suppose to do my annual one-man show at Francis Parker and needless to say, Covid made that performance impossible to produce. I rescheduled for September 2021 and realize that due to unknown restrictions and the school trying to navigate a seamless reopening after 17 months of uncertainty, this show will also not happen.


 As a result, I have spent the past 6 months trying to channel my “inner creativity” to produce a 2021 show that can be executed and enjoyed.

 On September 18, 2021, I will produce my newest show in an intimate setting high above the city of Chicago. The show will be staged in a private penthouse residence overlooking North Pond, Lincoln Park, The Conservatory, Lincoln Park Zoo and the gorgeous backdrop of Chicago’s downtown skyline. The show will be filmed in broadcast quality using multiply angles. A professional sound technician will be brought in and gorgeous lighting will be implemented. The videographer for the performance has worked in LA and around the world. His work is simply breathtaking. I have been working on the Book portion of the show, as well as all new musical numbers. I will employ an amazing local makeup artist and I have already begun rehearsals focusing on musical arrangements. The show’s setting will be an intimate cabaret style with a small audience ( limited seats due to all the technical equipment being staged ). I have also secured a respected Chicago director to oversee the final structure of the show. Additionally, the show will also be audio taped in Stereo for a possible CD.


  After the performance, the show will be edited and be available for me to stream as a PAY PER VIEW event. The projection date for live streaming is the last week of September 2021. You can enjoy the show in the comfort of your own home. Although this is not the same as a live theater event, it does allow me to create a final product that I can sell to musical venues around the country. As many of you already know, I have been feverishly trying to finish writing my autobiographical book about my 40 years in the service industry ( 33 years with Lettuce Entertain You at Un Grand Cafe + Mon Ami Gabi plus the 7 years prior to Lettuce). The book is entitled “I Heard You The First Time : A Waiter’s Memoir” and includes a plethora of funny and touching stories that can only be shared by someone who has lived the life. And what a life it has been!


  The show that will be produced on September 18th is entitled “I Heard You The First Time: A Waiter’s Musical Memoir” which will be the show I will sell to musical outlets in other cities. I truly believe this show has strong musical legs…after all, who doesn’t have restaurant stories to share. The show will be approximately 80-90 minutes in length. My approach to this whole project is treating it as a self contained theater production with a strong book and musical numbers. Securing a professional Broadcast Quality video of this show will give me the additional ability to secure future productions.


 The caveat to this project is the sizable financial burden such a project demands. For the project to be executed in a professional standard that best represents my goals. Generating that income will allow me to cover the costs of this project from concept to completion. I have spent months researching and tweaking the costs of such a production. Remember that once the show is filmed and while it is being edited, all PAY PER VIEW purchasers will receive a link that will include instructions of when and how to view. Each purchaser will have a generous amount of time to watch it when it is most convenient for them. And because you are viewing it from home, there is no limit to how many can watch at one time.


  All the information is listed below. There are several ways for you to help me achieve this lifelong dream. See details below. I have nicknamed this project, MY LEGACY project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am truly grateful for your prompt attention and consideration. And after what we have all been through this past year, I have profound joy in my heart for the gift of music and sharing it with you. And as always, gratitude is always the path I follow.   JOHN VINCENT MAHADY





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